About the Qsort:

We are interested in your priorities for your classroom. We know that classroom life is fast-paced and challenging, requiring you to prioritize some beliefs and practices over others. The purpose of the TBQ is to better understand your priorities.

On the next screen you’ll see a stack of 20 cards. Each card contains a statement about teaching. You can drag and drop these cards using your mouse. On the top of the screen you’ll see five categories ranging from “lowest priority” to “highest priority” characteristics of your beliefs. Drag each card into the category that best matches your beliefs.

Here is the tricky part: when you are done, you must have exactly four cards in each category. There is a card per category indicator count that will show you how many cards are currently in each category to help you out. These indicators remain red until you’ve successfully placed exactly four cards in the category. When you first access the sort, some of the categories will already have a count of four due to the arrangement of the cards already on the screen. As you move the cards to the appropriate categories you will notice that the counts change according to the cards you’ve lined up under each category.

When you reach an arrangement that roughly matches your priorities (with four cards per category), the Continue button on the upper right will turn green indicating you can click on it to finish.

We realize all of the statements on these cards may be important to you. We are trying to understand your priorities. Even if all the statements are important to you, place those that are least important in the lower categories and those that are the most important in the higher categories.

We also realize that the ordering may not be a perfect representation of your opinion. Some teachers have expressed frustration in completing this exercise. We understand the difficulty in completing the Q-Sorts. Our advice is not to spend more than 20 minutes with each Q-Sort exercise. In other words, you do not need to spend additional time second guessing your answers. Please try to keep your sense of humor about this!

Click and Drag:

To move the cards under each category you have to click and hold onto the card and drag it to the appropriate category. The movement is similar to moving icons around on your computer screen Desktop.

Tip: To make this task easier, you might want to start by sorting the cards underneath the low, medium and high anchor cards. Then, look through the piles to further divide them into the five groups.

Are you confused? If so, click here for an example of what to do.