Two existing measures, the SCOOP Notebook and the Classroom Assessment Scoring System
(CLASS) served as a foundation for M‐Scan measurement development. The SCOOP measure
used classroom artifacts, observations, and instructional materials to measure mathematics
instructional practices (Borko et al., 2005; Borko, Stecher, & Kuffner, 2007). The M‐Scan
selected, defined, and adapted eight dimensions from the SCOOP measure. The structure of
the coding protocol and the 1 to 7 scale was based on the Classroom Assessment Scoring
System (CLASS; Pianta, Hamre, & LaParo, 2007). Coding guidelines were established with
descriptions to correspond to numerical ratings from 1 to 7 (segmented as low [1‐2], medium
[3‐5], and high [6‐7]).

Full Measure

Coding Manual

Berry, III, R. Q., Rimm‐Kaufman, S. E., Ottmar, E. M., Walkowiak, T. A., & Merritt, E. (2010). The
Mathematics Scan (M‐Scan): A Measure of Mathematics Instructional Quality. Unpublished
measure, University of Virginia. Do not cite without permission. For more information, contact
Robert Berry, robertberry (at) virginia (dot) edu or Sara Rimm‐Kaufman, serk (at) virginia (dot) edu.