Scores on the HTKS and its two-rule predecessor, the Head-to-Toes Task (HTT) have shown strong reliability and construct and predictive validity in several studies with diverse samples (McClelland, Cameron et al., 2007; Ponitz, McClelland, et al., 2008; Matthews et al., in press; Ponitz et al., in press). The task has also been used successfully in experimental school-based research and in countries outside the United States.Currently there are two equivalent versions, Forms A and B, of the HTKS. Copies of the task protocol can be obtained by contacting Claire Cameron Ponitz at [email protected] (English and French versions) or Megan McClelland at [email protected] (Spanish version). The task is also available in Mandarin Chinese; if you are interested in this version, please include this request in your email inquiry. A HTKS training DVD is available by contacting Megan McClelland at [email protected]. We are eager to share the task with colleagues and will do our best to reply as soon as possible. Please keep us updated about your study and the sample.

For more information about HTT see:

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For more information about HTKS see:

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