The Classroom Practices Frequency Scale (CPFS) is an 11-item measure assessing teachers’ perceived frequency of use of RC practices over the course of the school year. CPFS items are rated on an eight-point scale ranging from 1 (Almost never used the practice) to 8 (Used the practice more than once a day). Responsive Classroom® approach terminology was avoided when writing the items to minimize bias of teachers’ responses (e.g., “When a rule or procedure is introduced, I asked students to model what following the rule or procedure looks like”, “I provide opportunities for students to choose how to do work, what kind of work to do, or both.”) The mean for the 11 items was computed as measure of dosage.

Full Measure

Nathanson, L., Sawyer, B., & Rimm‐Kaufman, S.E. (2007).Classroom Practices Frequency
Scale. Unpublished instrument. University of Virginia.