Current Focus

  • The Service-Learning and Science Project is a three-year project to develop a set of materials and professional development experiences to prepare fourth and fifth grade teachers to create engaging, interesting, science-based service-learning opportunities for their students. Read More»
  • The Alleghany Highlands-UVa Collaborative Project is a partnership between the Alleghany Highlands community and the Social Development lab at the University of Virginia. The project team is gathering information about schools in the Alleghany Highlands from the perspectives of educators, students, and families in order to facilitate reflection and decision-making. The ultimate goal is to create positive educational experiences for students, educators, and community members. Read More»
  • The Engaging Students in Environmental Service Project is an effort to integrate service learning activities into environmental science instruction in the elementary and middle school years. Read More»

Recent Work

  • The Mathematics Learning Study (MLS) is a one year study of fifth grade students designed to examine how teachers’ practices contribute to students’ engagement in mathematics instruction and students’ subsequent mathematics achievement. Read More»
  • The Responsive Classroom Efficacy Study (RCES) is a randomized controlled trial examining the efficacy of the Responsive Classroom® Approach. Read More»
  • The Leading Together Development Effort is a two year study of a new intervention, Leading Together. Leading Together is designed to enhance collaboration, listening, and mindfulness among the adults who work in schools—principals, teachers, specialists, and other staff. Read More»

Past Work

  • The Early Learning Study examines the ways in which teachers support children’s self-regulatory competencies in kindergarten and first grade classrooms. Read More »
  • The Social and Academic Learning Study is a three year, quasi-experimental, longitudinal study examining the contribution of the Responsive Classroom® Approach on teachers’ beliefs and attitudes as well as children’s social and academic outcomes. Read More »