Holland Banse is an IES pre-doctoral Fellow in the Educational Psychology: Applied Developmental Science Ph.D. program. Prior to joining the doctoral program, Holland earned an A.B. in Psychology from Georgetown University and a M.Ed from the EP:ADS Masters program at UVa. After graduating from Georgetown, she taught preschool and prekindergarten at a public charter school in Southeast DC. Her research interests include math learning for minority populations during the early childhood and elementary school years, particularly for language minority students. Currently, she is working with her advisor, Dr. Natalia Palacios, as well as with members of the Social Development Lab at CASTL, on multiple projects focused on best instructional practices for math classrooms with high concentrations of ELL students.

The UVA Social Development Lab trains Doctoral and Masters students enrolled in the Educational Psychology: Applied Developmental Science (EP-ADS) program through the Curry School of Education. If you are interested in training at the Social Development Lab, please refer to the EP-ADS website for more information on this program and application details.

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