Sara Rimm-Kaufman directs the UVa Social Development Lab at the Curry School of Education and the Center for the Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL).

The UVA Social Development Lab addresses pressing questions in education science from an interdisciplinary perspective in order to provide roadmaps for educators based on science, not only intuition.

The UVA Social Development Lab focuses on how schooling and classroom experiences contribute to children’s social development as well as their academic growth.

The UVA Social Development Lab focuses on research in the early years of children’s lives—roughly preschool through age 10—as these years tend to be the most formative.

The UVA Social Development Lab conducts research that is intensively collaborative with the goal of enhancing student competencies while contributing meaningfully to the field of education science.

The UVA Social Development Lab trains Doctoral and Masters students enrolled in the Educational Psychology: Applied Developmental Science (EP-ADS) program through the Curry School of Education. If you are interested in training at the Social Development Lab, please refer to the EP-ADS website for more information on this program and application details.